Paper Pattern and Important Questions of all Subjects


Explore 2018 Past Papers of All Subjects for All Boards. Get to Know the Paper Pattern and Important Questions

Our site consists of past papers till 2018 of many previous years, from which the most important are the past papers of 2018 because they are the recent ones and the next upcoming papers are mostly match to them in the method. The infrastructure of papers obviously matters as the questions of papers matter. The time duration of board exams is 2 to 3 hours, so it’s a tough time. If you are a student, you can check your quality, quantity, and frequency of attempting an exam paper by going through a self-examining test of Past Papers 2018 especially. Read the Important tips to get 70 percent marks in Inter Exams.


Paper pattern and important questions

You always need past papers to understand the upcoming paper of your relevant subject. Here we offer Past Papers of All Subjects for all boards of Pakistan. Each paper is destined to help the candidates about knowing tough questions of board exams, through which students can prepare already for exams and solve the relevant physics problems, math’s sums,English grammar and translation, chemistry equations, and many more. I think that past papers are the main source to know the paper pattern.


Past papers 2018 of various subjects;Explore past papers, explore knowledge!

As you practice and solve the previous years’ past papers, your knowledge and understanding increase,answers are firmly memorized, study base becomes firm which helps you in higher classes. Thepast papers 2018 of all subjectsare all up to date past papers for the convenient access of our dear students. Although there are 2 main subjects of science and art, students often choose Science as their main subject. Science contains mainly English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, along with some other subjects. Arts contain Economics, History, English, Islamic Culture as their main subjects. These subjects need a lot of energy and time to cover them. And to get higher marks in these papers,students prepare diligently to success with good result. The achievement of a student lies behind how much he strives for study. The past papers are a guide (along with other guides such as teacher, books, notes, internet) for the students who want to accomplish the real goal of study. Knowledge is awareness and such a mix up of up told different domains of study can build a firm knowledge which will benefit the society in the upcoming future. You can download 2018 past papers of any subject here. We have specially kept Objective type and subjective type past papers of eachsubject. As each subject has its own importance in society, students are intended to get an understanding of both theory and practical of all subjects. Past papers are the way to understand the techniques of future exams and to prepare for a good result and acknowledgment. Get CSS past papers and past papers of NTS which really helps the students. Further, if you need any other past paper which you think is not available on our website, you can comment below.


Past papers 2018 of all boards is proud to have the collection of past papers of all boards of Pakistan. One can find past papers of 25 boards of Pakistan with a very easy to access way. Our website is the main source of Past papers of Matric and Past papers of Intermediate for all the candidates preparing for next year board exams.






Paper Pattern and Important Questions of all subjects and all boardsth Class Physics past Papers BISE Sahiwal

Looking for Past exam Papers ? Students can get all past papers from our comprehensive website … it contains a collection of both objective and subjective type of past exam papers.

Physics is a very interesting subject that provides you a lot of information about your everyday life by describing the motion, forces, and energy of the ordinary experience. In daily actions like walking, driving a car or using a phone, physics is at work and for everyday living, all the technologies you might take for granted exploit the rules of physics.

10th Class Physics past Papers

There are a lot of benefits practicing past exam papers it would help you to understand likely exam time length; and how much the typical number of questions you have to attempt. You will get the idea about Identifies number of choices would be available in your forthcoming exam; and the time limit in which you have to complete your exam paper. Old papers help to Identifies style of exam questions (short-answer, multiple choice or essays); and It will Help to practice exam techniques; If you have completed the courses book practicing past exam will identify you how much you are well prepared for exam and which topics you need to focus for improvement.

10th Class Physics Paper Pattern

Physics subject paper pattern would be the same as you see on 9th class paper. You have to attempt both Objective and Subjective type of past paper. The objective paper includes MCQs and in subjective portion, you have to attempt both short and Long Questions …Firstly attempt those Questions that you are very well known and never left any question blank ... Many students make the mistake of living blank half of their paper but it is the most idiot thing they Do … Practice past papers and learn to attempt exam paper in the best way!!


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