How we can get high grades in examination



How we can get high grades in examination

If you are a student of FSC (Faculty of Science) then you might be worried about how you can score good marks. You would probably think about what could be the secret to score marks higher than 1000? These are the question which normally comes to the mind of every FSC student. Usually, the teachers and the students also do not pay attention to how they can get score more than 1000. Students should be completing their revision work by now. Strong behavior and challenging power can also lead to good marks.

Here are a few secrets which should be kept in mind that will come in handy during the exams. Now you will never ask these kinds of questions ever.

1.What to be focused?

When there are only a few days left students must be focused on the revision. Revision is simply studying notes that can be made by dividing the chapter into 10 to 12 sections and revising them every week.

2.     Physical Energy

To cope up with the stress of the exams your physical and mental health plays a vital role. Make sure to consume less energy during the last months of the exams. Physical activities should be regulated not restricted thoroughly.

3.     Stress-Free Surroundings

If a student is stressed it affects its grades directly and indirectly. Health Association national college of America reported that 25% of students said stress and pressure lower their grades.  Get a comfortable and noiseless room for study.

4.     Paper presentation

Paper attempt and presentation is the first and foremost important secret to get good marks. Your papers should look tempted so that the reader or checker feels happy to check further. Attempting the paper is just a game of impressing the checker to get good marks. You can watch this video on how to attempt the paper.

5.          Use Past Papers as repetitive testing and as an indicator for final exams outcome

Practicing past papers of all boards of BA 2018 is a very good technique to know about what would be your final outcome. It is an important part of developing good exams technique. If you haven't started studying them yet, do it now.

6.     Conceptual learning

Cramming is not a solution to get good marks and pass the entry test instead you need to clear your concepts in order to get good marks in FSc pre-medical or pre Engineering. Attend all the lectures and try to understand the meanings and concept of the topic rather than just cramming and wasting your time. Make short notes keep revising, but all concepts should be clear before that.

7.     Time Management

Managing your time during the exam will keep you away from the pressure of three hours. If your management is good it will make you conscious about the mistakes that you make in panic. Start with those questions which you think you are better at and have higher marks. Then move to those questions which have low arks less important

8.     Get help from your teacher

It might happen that you have attended the lecture but still forgot the concept. Get help from your teacher, don’t shy, ask questions and speak to your teacher right at the moment if you can’t understand a topic. 

9.          Make good sleeping and eating habits

It is a very important time to make your routine of sleeping and eating on time. You might need to start enforcing your bedtime. Researchers have found a link between sleep and academic performance called sleep efficiency which shows how less or more have you slept at night.

National sleep foundation recommended that teenagers should get at least 9 hours sleep on a daily basis. And if you are not getting enough sleep it’s time for reevaluation.

Research shows that students who eat proper breakfast perform better in exams. Also to maximize your grades keeping yourself hydrated can be the best way.

Eating a balanced diet can help you focus and can take you away from illness. You need a variety of food to keep your body and mind healthy so that you can perform better in your Board Exams.

10.   Practice, Practice, Practice

When a person practices the perfection becomes perfect.

When we start practicing we become what we practice. It becomes our habit. Same is the case with the study of FSC. IF you will keep calling “Kal se pakka parhai shuru” believe me that tomorrow will never come. So start your practice today on the spot and devote at least 6 to 8 hours for your studies.

Last but not least

11.   Believe in Allah and believe in yourself

Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right. If you think you can, the self-confidence will certainly boost your morale and you will perform better in the exam. Moreover, you should have faith in Allah that He will definitely pay the reward for your solid efforts.


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